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A Boutique Firm That Thinks Big.

Climate change may be the most vexing and critical environmental challenge of our time. The impacts from climate change are already having far-reaching, and perhaps disastrous effects, on natural ecosystems and human livelihoods. We believe that capital markets must play a critical role in providing incentives for both reducing greenhouse gas emissions and sequestering carbon in biological systems, such as forests, grasslands, wetlands, and agriculture.

Renewable energy is a complex ecosystem that is also at a tipping point where we can all work together to reduce carbon emissions, and lower our dependence on foreign sources of energy. We believe this can be accomplished by educating investors; by connecting capital with projects and buyers with sellers; and making the renewable energy business more efficient with more transparency and lower risk.

We are a boutique firm in a big world with big problems. Luckily, we have big ideas. By building a community of, and partnering with, individual investors, wealth management firms, family offices, banks, foundations, and companies to deploy private capital to yield systemic solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges—we are not only investing in the future of our planet. We are not only making a difference. We are also generating competitive financial returns for our investors.

We can help projects and funds raise Tax Equity, Project Equity, Debt and Corporate Equity. We can also assist with the purchase or sale of shovel-ready projects.

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